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Paytronic A.P.I. Partnership Program

You want to be part of the 10000 crore prepaid market of DTH and Telecom operators but don't have the know-how, experience or requisite manpower for direct tie-ups and don't want to be hassled by the nitty gritty of legal parlance then Paytronic is the answer to all your problems please check the details below.

API Flow Chart


  • You are a dot com entrepreneur with world class service products with telecom and dth recharges as a major enhancements but don't have the resources or the manpower for managing multiple wallets or interactions What do you do ? The answer is Paytronic. (The only company to cater to even new companies and business with no track record of past business and expected business)
  • You have a large retail setup and are currently servicing as a distributor of any major telecom, Dth operator or aggregator but are extremely unhappy with the marginsWhat do you do ?The answer is Paytronic. (The Company with the best margins in the aggregation industry)
  • You are a retail entrepreneur and would like to setup your own Brand name in retail services network without being a distributor or stockist of any major telecom, Dth operator or aggregator What do you do? The answer is Paytronic. (the only company offering White label and independent services)
  • You have a flourishing online and offline retail setup have a tie-up with an aggregator and suddenly some operators have connectivity issue leading to down time and loss of reputation of your company What do you do? The answer is Paytronic. (the only company with 3 trier backups incase or transaction or connectivity failures)
  • You have an amazing transaction quantity because of your wide retail setup but have been losing on the quantity and in turn quality of your transactions because of high failure ratios and no set time lines for status or reversal's What do you do? The answer is Paytronic. (The only company with below 2% failure including wrong denominations and wrong operator numbers which makes it practically a 0% failure company)

The Salient features of Paytronic A.P.I. Partnership Program.

  • Complete bouquet of products in Telecom, DTH and Travel Services.
  • The Best Commission structure in the industry.
  • Excellent transaction quality backed by the most robust technology.
  • Lowest transaction failure ratio in the industry.
  • Free Contact center and Back office support.
  • Lowest TAT (Turn Around Time) for query resolution in the industry.
  • Seamless API integration in the lowest possible time.
  • 24 x 7 Incident management services.
  • 24 x 7 IT Support and full business continuity provision.
  • We cater to our API partners with a Customized monitoring tool.

This Program has been developed for high volume transactions and almost negligible investment for startups, websites, offline Retail Companies, Distributors and online companies.

If you have any queries or would like to tie up please contact Paytronic on +91-22-61485656 or write to us on

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