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Employees Speak

“It was always my dream to join a company like PAYTRONIC NETWORK PVT LTD, a place where you can innovate, contribute, work, grow and have fun all at the same time. My journey with the organization began in 2010 as Sales Distribution Executive and ever since then it has been a challenging, exciting and interesting journey for me. My journey at PAYTRONIC has been the most memorable and enriching time of my career. The best thing about this organization is the Internal Communication freedom where employees of any designation can speak to the top management and share their ideas and problems. PAYTRONIC is a place where employees are valued and talented people are quickly recognized and rewarded. I am glad to be part of a dynamic, focused and passionate company. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with PAYTRONIC and I greatly look forward to having a long-term relationship with the company."

“My journey from 'college campus' to 'corporate world' started in Paytronic two years ago. Throughout this fulfilling period I have had complete support from my colleagues & Management. Under the guidance of our senior colleagues, I have learnt a lot of things in technology and other aspects of an organization and am still learning. Be it my career path, trainings, employee well-being, global exposure or professional development, the organization always provided a 'spectrum of options'. This served as the backbone for my growth, and has made every moment of my career a memorable and rewarding one. I take great pride in being part of Paytronic. To me, it's not just about the small milestones that I have achieved but the journey that has made all the difference. Paytronic is a morale booster and has provided me with the opportunity to excel and grow which makes my ‘work life' smooth and enjoyable.”

My Association with Paytronic began 5.5 years ago. Paytronic is an exciting and vibrant mix of work, learning and Fun, where talent is nurtured and potential is translated into performance. Paytronic has always provided me ample growth opportunities, a flexible work environment, easy access to the top management and an excellent work-life balance among other benefits. Offering a challenging and supportive work environment provided me with job satisfaction and encourages high levels of performance. The high levels of transparency and professionalism makes Paytronic distinctive from the rest. My mentor had always been supportive and directed me throughout my journey which has made every moment of my career memorable, fruitful and rewarding. I would like to wish Paytronic great great success from the bottom of my heart.

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