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Become a Paytronic Merchant

The profit proposal

India is the fastest growing recharge market in the world where 90% of all new mobile and DTH connections are prepaid. The total recharge industry is now pegged at 15,000 crores and counting. India has the world's second largest mobile phone users with over 929 million (May 2012) and the number continuous to increase at an annual rate of 26%.

Advantages for Paytronic Merchants

  • Complete bouquet of products in Telecom, DTH and services.
  • The best commission structure in the industry.
  • Excellent transaction quality backed by the most robust technology.
  • Lowest transaction failure ratio in the industry.
  • Free Contact Center and Back Office Support.
  • The most competitive price dual activation product in the industry.
  • Complete marketing and advertising support.
  • Support of the world's best and state of the art electronic reconciliation and accounting systems.
  • Paytronic offers India's First and only USSD technology based recharge with zero transaction cost.

Example of Retailer's ROI

  • Sohan a shopkeeper does a recharge of 10,000 rupees a day.
  • On a recharge of 10,000 rupees he get a 2.5 % margin i.e. 250 rupees a day.
  • Monthly earning 250 x 30 = 7500 rupees.
  • Yearly earning 7500 x 12 = 90,000 rupees.
  • So sohan has invested only 10,000 rupees in buying recharge balance from paytronic. When he sells balance to the customers he gets 10,000 rupees back plus 250 rupees margin a day.
  • Next day he can again get balance of 10,000 rupees and earn 250 rupees as margin.
  • So by rolling or investing 10,000 rupees sohan is earning 7500 rupees monthly and 90,000 rupees annually.
  • So straight away 920% profit which none other business is offering.

Please go through interactive strips here.

If this unique opportunity excites you and having an independent business is your ambition, then CONTACT US.

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