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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility, What's this?

Social Responsibility is an ethical ideology where the individuals and organisations work to resolve the social, cultural, economic and environmental issues of the society. Working for social responsibility helps individuals and organisations to have a positive impact on their business and society with posiitve contributions to bottom – line results.

Ethical ideology of social responsibility and Paytronic.

Paytronic, from the day one of its establishment has act on to the ethical ideology of social responsibility. Paytronic at present is India's leading electronic consumer payments network company established with a vision to convert cash economy into electronic transactions. Here all transactions happen electronically resulting into no need of printed paper bills or recharge scratch cards. Thus saving valuable amount of paper from getting printed and then wasted, contributing towards the cause of saving trees.

What's new?

Today the environmental issue which has taken center stage of discussion and action is GLOBAL WARMING. According the scientific reasoning Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth's atmoshphere since the late 19th century and its projected increment. All this has happen because of the indiscriminate destruction of the forest and vegetation for the fulfilllment of human needs. Global warming has starting showing its effects through change in global climate models, melting of polar ice, rise in sea levels, change in ecological system, food insecurity etc. Paytronic employees took part in the Sapling plantation and distribution project through which they shared and planted saplings in and around the Mumbai city and its regional offices. Paytronic and its employee aligned themselves with this project with an aim to counter the harm of pollution and ill effects of deforestation.

Paytronic Network Private Limited has assimilated the values, virtues and codes of Corporate Social Responsibility as its principle from its existence and will continue with it.........

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